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Friday, August 7, 2009

How Can You Improve Your Learning?

I have described to you before the things you can do and the food you can eat in order to make sure that your brain has a steady supply of energy. With this steady supply of energy, you can maximize your brain power, increase your IQ, enhance your concentration, and improve your overall learning ability.

Did you know that the information you learn on a day-to-day basis is stored somewhere in your brain via three steps?

1. Ultra short –term memory

Here, the information you acquire only stays for about 20 seconds. They can be the things we see all around us, the impressions we have of them, things we hear in passing, scents we smell, etc. They are those things/data that are of not much importance to us and most of the time, we are not even aware of them. Of these things, should we need to remember them, we can acquire 3-5 of them simultaneously. The rest we forget very, very quickly. Otherwise, we would be overloaded with too much information that we don’t really need.

2. Short-term memory

Those impressions that are important, for the time being at least, we automatically move them to our short-term memory. For instance, we met someone for the first time and we’d like to remember his/her name so we know how to address him/her properly. We move this information to our short-term memory the moment we try to memorize the name in our heads. This signals our brain that this piece of information is important, thus, it automatically moves the information from the ultra short-term bank to the short-term memory bank. There are about seven to nine chunks of memory pieces that we can store in this bank at a particular time. As more and more pieces are stored, the older pieces are either bumped to forgetfulness or moved to the long-term memory bank if accessed more often.

3. Long-term

Those pieces of information that are regularly accessed are then taken to the long-term memory bank. This happens when there is repetition of memorization and repetition of use. Information stored here stays longer because the synapses between neurons have been made stronger by the constant access to the information.

However, there is still a chance of forgetting something that has already been stored in the long-term memory bank. This means that the access to the stored information has been lost. When we increase our concentration, forgetfulness can be prevented. But how do we increase our levels concentration? This is where hypnosis and brainwave stimulation can be helpful. These things can help increase your IQ and maximize your brain power by ordering your brain synapses to make more connections. With better and more connections in your brain, the easier it is for you to access information at will. Try hypnosis and brainwave stimulation now. Many people have already used these techniques and have given very good feedback about the effects on their mental health and general well being. They will definitely help with your learning ability, increase your IQ, enhance your concentration and improve your overall learning.

Do check out the other secrets and ways on how you can increase your brain power and boost your IQ. It never is too late to want to be smarter. They worked so well for me and continue to do so. In the meantime, sign up don’t forget to register to the Newsletter (fill the form above at the right :) and email me for any suggestions and comments you may have at

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