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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 Easy Steps to Help Ace Your GMAT

Taking the GMAT should be easy and breezy if you prepare well for them. Good for you if you have high IQ and you're really good at reading comprehension and math. But for those like me who did it before and came out with laughable scores, fret not. It is not yet too late to increase your IQ and ace your GMAT. There are many ways you can do to help boost your brain power and help prepare yourself for this much anticipated test. I’ve already shared with you a number of tips before. Here are some more:

Step 1

There are a lot of available GMAT practice tests that you can buy on bookstores or online. Practice on them. This will boost your mental power, refresh your skills and revitalize your memory on long forgotten concepts, formulas and rules. You can gauge where your weaknesses are and what skills you can maximize. Practice tests can also help narrow your focus.

Step 2

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. After you have practiced manually using a basic pen, paper and timer set, try to get reviewers that come with a CD next time. Or if there are available online practice tests, exercise on them! This will place you in a better mindset and let you experience what it's like to take the test especially for first time takers.

Step 3

Google GMAT reviews and read those on Amazon to know which books were bought by most as their review material for GMAT. Typically, the more expensive ones get better review. So be prepared to shell out some money too. At least you are assured that you will get what you paid for and in the process your brain power was increased.

Step 4

Find the time to visit a bookstore and look at GMAT practice test books. Observe the way they are organized by question or level of difficulty. This will give you an idea of how questions will be given on the actual GMAT.

Step 5

It will also be wise to ask your friends and family who have taken the GMAT before. Gather information on what books they read, which review materials they found very useful and helpful, etc. Stick your study schedule and be consistent and diligent.

Check out the other advices and ways I’ve posted here on my blog before. For those who are struggling with their low IQ, it will tremendously be of help if you try hypnosis and brainwave techniques first before you even begin thinking of taking GMAT again. Studying another genius system to help boost your brain power will also increase your IQ the way it did mine and give you that much needed boost when you start reviewing for this exam. You think be able to think more clearly, think faster and solve problems a lot more quickly.

By following these tips I’m giving you, I’m sure you are on your way to acing your GMAT.

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