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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 Clues to Maximize Your Brain Power

Many of us are aware of the fact that we only use a small percentage of our brain, 10% to be precise. Could you imagine the kind of world we could have if we would all be able to use our brain power to its maximum potential? We could all become Einsteins and make this world a truly better place to live in.

Unfortunately, that belief is quite a myth. It is a fact that we do use our brain 100% of the time. Because even if you take out a mere 2% of it, you could wind up being a vegetable or retard. It’s the ‘how well we use it’ part that is the missing link.

So, how well are you using your brain? Do you at least try to maximize your full brain potential? Or are you just letting it sit idly on top of your head? How do you even begin to maximize your brain power?
There are three crucial keys that will dictate how well you are using your brain power.

1. Pay attention

When you pay attention, you are present at the moment. Your mind is not wandering elsewhere. You are here, now, inside this room at this very moment. You see, hear, feel, taste what is here in front of you at present time.

If you know that you are poor at this, try taking a stroll outside. Once you’re there, take notice of everything around you. Describe the things you hear feel and see.

2. Really Listen

This next key is what you should do next after you pay attention especially when you’re paying attention to someone who is talking. This will force you to really listen, understand what’s being said and should you have queries and other debatable matters you want to delve into, then you may well ask the other person. This will not only help you pay real attention, but it wil also make the other person feel important because they are really listened to. Wouldn’t it be great if they do the same thing to you?

3. Be selfless

We love talking and thinking about ourselves all the time. We all have the “me, myself and I” syndrome and we can’t seem to stop it. We do it automatically that we are not aware of this behavior of ours most f the time. By always thinking about ourselves, we are limiting the things our mind can do and think of. Why not try to think about other things and collaborate with other people’s ideas for a change? By doing so, we get more ideas, we learn new things and we to use our full mental capacity.

Practice these things. They will help maximize your brain power and realize your brain’s full potential. For best results, do the Brain Evolution System. It has tremendously helped me in my concentration and even helped boost my IQ. Many have tried it and said the same things too. For any queries, do email me at

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