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Friday, August 14, 2009

Do You Want To Know about MENSA?

Mensa, first organized in 1946, is a very exclusive membership organization for those whose IQs belong to the top 2% of the population. This group is the oldest organization for high IQ-scorers in the world. This organization has both international and local chapters. This is why their members also come from all over the world, from all walks of life. They foster learning and programs for the gifted ones and also form special interest groups in the pursuit of studying very important issues. The only requirement is that you have to belong to the top 2% of the test takers by having a high IQ.

The founding fathers of Mensa were Roland Berrill , an Australian barrister and a British lawyer and scientist, Dr. Lancelot War. Their vision was to create a group based solely on testable intelligence, with no other political, social, economic or racial requirements to join. Their main goal was to encourage social networking and exchange between like-minded and smartest people on the planet. This would become the world’s think tank of geniuses so to speak, a group of people with the highest IQs in the world.

Naturally, admission to Mensa I based on IQ test scores. It is limited to those who belong to the top 2 percent of the population or are in the 98 percentile of chosen standardized tests such as the Stanford-Binet and Cattel tests. At present, there are already 100,000 members all over the world, mostly located in United Kingdom and the United States.

Benefits given to Mensa members vary by nation. Some even offer insurance coverage and credit card plans. Most however, do give out monthly or quarterly newsletters and hold chapter meetings to talk about general business plans and organize special interest groups. They make sure thay they remain politically neutral and remains to be supportive of various educational efforts.

Though a lot of critics point that that Mensa is overly exclusive, putting a lot of weight on standardized testing as the only true measure of intelligence, the truth really is that most IQ tests that rely on logic and reasoning abilities are just the easiest to quantify. Emotional intelligence and artistic intelligence are quite hard to score after all.

Mensa has attracted quite a number of famous thinkers. We have architect Buckminster Fuller and author Isaac Asimov who served terms as president and vice-president of Mensa International. We also have Scott Adams, creator of the cartoon strip Dilbert, a former Playboy Playmate of the month and noted actor James Woods.

The next Mensan could be you. By preparing well for the exam, increasing your IQ with the techniques I’ve shared with you before, eating and resting right, membership to this exclusive organization is not far from becoming a reality. Many people have also subscribed to the effective techniques of the Brainwave System, Hypnosis and Genius Intelligence. I'd say give these techniques a try and see for yourself the wonderful effects they can bring to your brain power.

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