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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 Great Hints for Better Brain Power

We always strive to be better at things we do. We want to be smarter, quicker, and brainier. But it’s not enough to be content with the intelligence that we were born with. At this day and age, there are ways you can adapt to help boost your brain power. Here are some more like I promised:

1. Challenge your mind Are you familiar with brainstorming? You think of words or things that are connected with the subject at hand. In this instance, we will do it the other way around by thinking of two subjects that are different from each other. For example, moon and a spider. Then try to think of as many links between them as you can. This will stretch your mind and break down the critical ability that interferes with the flow of ideas.

2. Flex and relax Relaxing can help increase one’s ability to perform better especially if it involves mental exercises. In taking tests for example, if you flex your muscles for 30 minutes, it will boost your ability to solve puzzles and complicated problems by 25%.

3. Spell it out If you have a problem that seems to be so hard to solve, try to write it down and spell it out. Make a web of connecting ideas if you have to. This way, your mind will be able to visualize an answer to your problem more clearly.

4. Do something new When you do something new (whether it be learning a new language, traveling, doing crafts and beads or learning a new sport), your brain forms new dendrites which help boost memory power and increase IQ in the process.

5. Do some aerobic exercises Don’t you ever wonder why there’s always physical education classes in schools? This is because aerobic exercises aides in increasing fluid intelligence (learning something new), helps your frontal lobes in processing information like making advanced plans and makes you good at making quick decisions. Do this for at least 30 minutes a week.

6. Off to dreamland you go It is important to always get a good night’s sleep every night. Uninterrupted sleep will result to better brain functioning the next day and when done consistently, will definitely boost your intelligence and mental performance. Therefore, it is important to avoid caffeine few hours before sleeping. Instead, drink milk to help induce sleep.

7. Take a walk A study found out that walking for at least 45 minutes three times a week can increase a person’s capability to multitask by up to 15%. This is because walking increases blood flow thereby bringing more oxygen to the brain.

8. Be a morning person A person’s brain is at its sharpest early in the morning. Maximize this time and tackle as much problems and tasks as you can. When taking exams, it’s also better to take it at this time as it increases your chances of getting a high score.

9. Eat frequently and in moderation By eating healthy food in small quantity many times in a day, you don’t deprive yourself of nutrients you need and at the same time, you don’t deprive your brain of the sugar it needs to work at its best. When you eat huge amounts of meal at a time, sugar goes to your digestive tract away from your brain.

10. Take lots of Vitamin B Vitamin B can be found in oats, chicken, tuna, whole wheat and bananas. They aide in memory and help manufacture / repair damaged brain tissues.

Furthermore, having a high IQ also helps boost your brain power. You may visit this site and see for yourself how you can have better IQ. Many users have given positive feedback about it. You may also try hypnosis for yourself and let me know how your experience was. A lot of other people used it and gave good feedback as well.

Stay tuned to learn more about IQ and how you can have more of it. ‘Til my next post. Feel free to email me at should you have further inquiries, suggestions and comments.

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