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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Can Brainwave Entrainment Boost Your Brain Power? (Part II)

In my previous post, I started sharing with you what Brainwave Entrainment is all about. Basically, it is a technique people use to help increase their IQ and boost their overall brain power. Below, you will see more benefits as well as some contraindications so you will know how and when to use it.

Brainwave Entrainment System, though this is just like listening to your favorite music CD, is absolutely different. You can’t do this while driving or while doing other things. You can multitask as soon as you are done and you will notice how fast you will work and how quickly you will think. But don’t do it while listening to the Brainwave Entrainment System, ok? It must be done in a quiet, peaceful setting like inside your bedroom before going to sleep so you can wake up smarter, refreshed, rejuvenated and more active than ever.

In terms of side effects, you may experience headaches because for the first time, your brain is getting so much blood flow. You may also experience more lucid dreams. This is just an indication that your brain is getting all fired up and your brain power is getting boosted.

Like I described earlier, in Brainwave Entrainment, the frequency of the stimuli being absorbed by the brain is automatically followed. It is a technology that incorporates subtle beats and pulsations into the music. When you listen to these pulses, your brain starts to alter your mental state. If before you feel drained, now you will feel relaxed or motivated. For instance, for those who are feeling panicky or anxious, it means you are producing too many beta waves which are bad for your mental health and general well being. When you listen to brainwaves, it will help your brain produce more alpha waves instead which is why you will start feeling better, a first sign that the system is working for you.

For those who always have difficulty focusing, causing you to fail at classes and at tasks you do, this means that your brain has been producing a particular pattern all these years. Brainwave Entrainment can change that. What it will do is speed up your brainwaves so that it’s easier to concentrate. Faster neural connections in the brain will prevent one from losing his/her train of thought. Continuously listening to the audio CD will make your left brain dominate your entire brain in order to increase your concentration, boost your mental power, prolong your memory and increase your IQ. This in turn reduces your emotional responses, therefore eliminating your mood swings too. Isn’t it hard to accomplish something when you feel emotional all the time? When you always feel like quitting and running away from everything? I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. And I thank the heavens everyday I’m over that phase of my life now.

Anybody who wants to make concrete changes in their life can use the brainwave technique. Anyone who wants to become smarter, feel more relaxed, boost their brain power, increase their IQ now has a chance to do so. It does not only do these things but it also cures insomnia, panic & anxiety attacks, over fatigue, chronic migraines and tension.

Now you have all the basic information you need to make that decision to make a difference in the quality of your life. It’s not yet too late to become smarter and live a better life. You know you’ve always wanted to just like I did. Here's the link. Check it out now and increase your IQ in no time.

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