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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Increase Your Brain Power Now eBook

This eBook on Various Tips on How to Increase Your Brain Power Now is an amazing compilation of numerous and different ways and techniques of maximizing your brain power and overall thinking. By getting a copy, you will discover ways of thinking that you never knew existed and in a matter of days and weeks, you will become smarter, more focused, your memory is improved and you will experience clarity that you never had before. Various Tips on How to Increase Your Brain Power Now is now available FOR FREE. This eBook will be of tremendous value to you and I believe that it is my duty to share it to those people like me who have always been seeking to increase their I.Q. and level of thinking.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Increase Your Brain Power

One of the best ways to maximize brain power, increase one’s IQ and go deep into your subconscious where untapped brain waves and energies lie, is through the system called “Brainwave Entertainment”.

Out of all the various methods I have used and practiced with to help increase my IQ, this is definitely the most fun and enjoyable one.

It’s very simple actually. You just have to tune in to a relaxing music with frequency that travels in a similar pattern as that of our brain waves. This way, our brain’s functionality is enhanced. It does sound awesome (it really is!). The sounds are manipulated to act like brainwaves and influence our brain’s frequencies.

As you try different systems, you have to be aware that not all of them will be working for you. I have tried several and of those techniques, I have found some that worked. Below are the systems and techniques I have tried:

Brain Evolution System, Hypnosis, Brain Power Pro, Subliminal CDs and Genius Mindset – These are the ones that really worked for me. Some of them offer a 21-day trial option, so make sure you try it first before you buy. Try this one here!

IMMRAMA – This technique didn’t do anything for me (although it may work well for others).

Brain Sync – This one was also not effective for me (again, it may have better effect on others).
Stimulating the brain through the Brain Evolution System is one of the most powerful and effective methods available today for improving your IQ and brain power. Its effects are directed towards the brain and the results are very similar to a gym exercise: working out gives VERY noticeable results.

After using the Brain Evolution System (the one that finally worked), my thinking became sharper and everything now seems a lot clearer and simpler than before. :) ).

My stress levels went down, I am more relaxed and happy and my well-being greatly improved. I seldom get sick and I just feel excited about life most of the time if not all the time! My moods really changed (so my husband told me…).

For 30 minutes each day, I used it at noon and when I get fatigued. I was astonished and amazed to find out for myself that right after each session, I’d always feel revitalized and rejuvenated. My concentration greatly improved as well as my problem solving abilities. The boost it gave me at noon time was truly an extraordinary bonus for me.

To summarize, I urge you to try the Brainwave Entertainment System. It doesn’t really matter which one, as long as you find it effective and useful, go for it! Using this technique is one of the perfect tools you can get to help enhance your brain power. Plus, it’s also fun!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 Easy Steps to Help Ace Your GMAT

Taking the GMAT should be easy and breezy if you prepare well for them. Good for you if you have high IQ and you're really good at reading comprehension and math. But for those like me who did it before and came out with laughable scores, fret not. It is not yet too late to increase your IQ and ace your GMAT. There are many ways you can do to help boost your brain power and help prepare yourself for this much anticipated test. I’ve already shared with you a number of tips before. Here are some more:

Step 1

There are a lot of available GMAT practice tests that you can buy on bookstores or online. Practice on them. This will boost your mental power, refresh your skills and revitalize your memory on long forgotten concepts, formulas and rules. You can gauge where your weaknesses are and what skills you can maximize. Practice tests can also help narrow your focus.

Step 2

GMAT is a computer adaptive test. After you have practiced manually using a basic pen, paper and timer set, try to get reviewers that come with a CD next time. Or if there are available online practice tests, exercise on them! This will place you in a better mindset and let you experience what it's like to take the test especially for first time takers.

Step 3

Google GMAT reviews and read those on Amazon to know which books were bought by most as their review material for GMAT. Typically, the more expensive ones get better review. So be prepared to shell out some money too. At least you are assured that you will get what you paid for and in the process your brain power was increased.

Step 4

Find the time to visit a bookstore and look at GMAT practice test books. Observe the way they are organized by question or level of difficulty. This will give you an idea of how questions will be given on the actual GMAT.

Step 5

It will also be wise to ask your friends and family who have taken the GMAT before. Gather information on what books they read, which review materials they found very useful and helpful, etc. Stick your study schedule and be consistent and diligent.

Check out the other advices and ways I’ve posted here on my blog before. For those who are struggling with their low IQ, it will tremendously be of help if you try hypnosis and brainwave techniques first before you even begin thinking of taking GMAT again. Studying another genius system to help boost your brain power will also increase your IQ the way it did mine and give you that much needed boost when you start reviewing for this exam. You think be able to think more clearly, think faster and solve problems a lot more quickly.

By following these tips I’m giving you, I’m sure you are on your way to acing your GMAT.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Secret to Increasing Your GMAT Score

I’m sure a lot of people would die before admitting or accepting the fact that they got low GMAT scores thereby hindering them to apply to business schools of their choice. GMAT taking is a serious business. The scores you get here could either make you or break you. It doesn’t matter if you get a perfect 4.0 GPA. If your GMAT scores low, then goodbye to that dream school of yours… for the mean time at least. The next time you take your GMAT, make sure you are well prepared. Increase your IQ now and see your GMAT score soar. So, how can you prepare for GMAT and make sure you get the score you desire? There are a lot of available information online on how to go about it step-by-step. What I’m going to share here is an additional advice which you can use as a tool to help you learn better while preparing for it and to help increase your brain power as you are taking it.

If you are in the process of preparing for GMAT, try incorporating some hypnosis techniques to help boost your IQ. Time and time again, I have proven that the Brain Evolution System aides in sharpening your thinking skills, helping you think positive and feel happier... rockets your IQ... amplifies your levels of energy... and even helps master your emotions which can be a pretty hard thing to do for most people. There’s also another product that I have used and will keep using because it does wonders to my brain capacity! Roadmap to Genius is a step by step system that will INCREASE your intelligence up to genius level.

On the day of your exam, it is of critical importance to have had a good night’s rest, to feel refreshed, awake and rejuvenated. Do a bit of exercise in the morning and eat a well balanced breakfast. This will give your brain enough nutrients, oxygen and energy and will boost your memory recall and brain power as you ace that test.

Adapt these simple strategies and notice your IQ increase! I’m sure you’ll be on your way to being admitted to that dream school of yours in no time! Maybe you have tried these things before. Also, sign up and register to the Newsletter (fill the form above at the right) and email me for any suggestions and comments you may have at

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Can You Realize Your Brain Power

If you want to realize the potential of your brain power, you must be able to control your subconscious mind. We can do this by changing the things we focus on. This is because our thoughts have a direct effect on the way our subconscious mind works. I’m sure this piece of information is new to you. Many believe that it is impossible to train the subconscious mind. However, if you know the right techniques, you will be able to improve your brain power and raise your IQ in the process.

You must be able to try working with several techniques to see what will work to your individual needs in order to find the particular technique that will help you best. One way to do this is to rethink then reapply your theories and assumptions about a specific situation. The outcome may be the same but you will have gained a more positive outlook about the situation. Try to take into consideration the data that is available to you. By doing so, you will train your mind to determine the circumstances rather than jump straight to conclusions.

We all know that being able to laugh is the best kind of medicine there ever is. It prevents stress and frees the mind of unnecessary worries. Plus it gives the brain its much needed oxygen thereby revitalizing it and giving it more power. Therefore, learn how to laugh. In order for you to realize the full potential of your mind, you have to be able to recognize not just your own successes but your own mistakes as well.

Furthermore, lessen TV watching. Researches do show evidence that watching TV decreases your brain power. There is nothing your brain can work with except to just accept the images in the tube. This slows down your brain and has the opposite effect of any physical activity. Or if you really can’t avoid it, exercise while watching TV. Choose the program to watch, one that will allow your mind to work instead of just letting it sit idly.

It would be best though if you do more games, quizzes and puzzles on your free time. Choose levels that expand your current capabilities. You can also start learning a new language or a new skill like driving a car if you still don’t know how. Not only will you exercise your brain power, but you will also feel a great sense of achievement after having done so.

These are just some advices I have for you to help broaden your mind and increase your brain power. Many people have also subscribed to the effective techniques of the Brainwave System, Hypnosis and Genius Mindset. I'd say give these techniques a try and see for yourself the wonderful effects they can bring to your brain power.In the end, whichever you choose, just remember to also make it fun. Practice any of the exercises at least once a day, every day. Anything that is worth doing always involves time and practice so keep at it. Gradual changes will surely emerge. I am sure, you will be amazed at the progress you will attain over time.

For more practical ways in increasing your brain power, do check out my other posts. You may also email me at for any questions and suggestions you may have.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 Notes on Acing Your GMAT

If you want to get into a good business school of your choice, better ace your GMAT or the Graduate Management Admissions Test. This is a requirement of most, if not all, business schools. The scoring of the multiple choice part is on a scale of 200 to 800 while the essay part is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. A score of at least 650 is required by top business schools and by doing well on the math portion, you will be able to boost your overall GMAT score. Of course it helps that you have high IQ. But if in case you know that your IQ is of the average range, there are ways and techniques you can engage in that will help boost your IQ and increase your brain power. This will make the GMAT experience a lot easier to face and you will be surely on your way to acing it.

Note 1
It is important to have an understanding of how the test is structured. There are 37 multiple choice questions for math and they must be completed in 75 minutes. Since GMAT is given via computer adaptive format, you must answer the questions in the order that they will be given to you. There will be no going back to previous questions. The more correct answers you get, the more challenging the next set of questions will be, which is good because they will help give you high scores.

Note 2
The 37 multiple choice questions consist of 22 problem solving questions and the remaining 15 pertain to data sufficiency questions. In terms of subjects, expect around 10 ratio, 10 algebra, 8 number, 4 geometry, 3 miscellaneous and 2 set theory questions.

Note 3
You must be very knowledgeable in math, formulas and calculations because no calculators will be allowed inside. You must be able to do quick multiplication and division formulas on paper. You must also have exceptional skills in charts and graphs.

Note 4
Typically, you must be able to answer each question in 2 minutes. It is important to pace yourself properly during the exam. This will prevent you from cramming on other more challenging questions. If you are falling far behind, you may guess wisely on problems that you are usually having trouble with and do your best on those that you find easy.

Note 5
You will get a lower score if you leave any questions blank. Better answer them incorrectly than leave them blank. But of course, if you can’t answer them correctly, guess wisely.

I hope you find these advices helpful. You will find it more valuable if you’ve already taken steps to increase your IQ the way I did before. I took hypnosis, did the brain evolution system and studied how to be a genius. I actually owe my GMAT score to them. Try them as well! Many people have already done so and it also helped them ace their GMAT. For ane comments, advice or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 Clues to Maximize Your Brain Power

Many of us are aware of the fact that we only use a small percentage of our brain, 10% to be precise. Could you imagine the kind of world we could have if we would all be able to use our brain power to its maximum potential? We could all become Einsteins and make this world a truly better place to live in.

Unfortunately, that belief is quite a myth. It is a fact that we do use our brain 100% of the time. Because even if you take out a mere 2% of it, you could wind up being a vegetable or retard. It’s the ‘how well we use it’ part that is the missing link.

So, how well are you using your brain? Do you at least try to maximize your full brain potential? Or are you just letting it sit idly on top of your head? How do you even begin to maximize your brain power?
There are three crucial keys that will dictate how well you are using your brain power.

1. Pay attention

When you pay attention, you are present at the moment. Your mind is not wandering elsewhere. You are here, now, inside this room at this very moment. You see, hear, feel, taste what is here in front of you at present time.

If you know that you are poor at this, try taking a stroll outside. Once you’re there, take notice of everything around you. Describe the things you hear feel and see.

2. Really Listen

This next key is what you should do next after you pay attention especially when you’re paying attention to someone who is talking. This will force you to really listen, understand what’s being said and should you have queries and other debatable matters you want to delve into, then you may well ask the other person. This will not only help you pay real attention, but it wil also make the other person feel important because they are really listened to. Wouldn’t it be great if they do the same thing to you?

3. Be selfless

We love talking and thinking about ourselves all the time. We all have the “me, myself and I” syndrome and we can’t seem to stop it. We do it automatically that we are not aware of this behavior of ours most f the time. By always thinking about ourselves, we are limiting the things our mind can do and think of. Why not try to think about other things and collaborate with other people’s ideas for a change? By doing so, we get more ideas, we learn new things and we to use our full mental capacity.

Practice these things. They will help maximize your brain power and realize your brain’s full potential. For best results, do the Brain Evolution System. It has tremendously helped me in my concentration and even helped boost my IQ. Many have tried it and said the same things too. For any queries, do email me at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 Steps in Acing Math in GMAT

We already know that GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is a standardized test that is a major requirement by most business schools. It is administered via a computer adaptive format and math is a huge part of it. Of all the math questions, a third of them deal with geometry. So on this post, I will share with you where to focus your energies when you review your math materials. Don’t fret if your IQ is low. There are steps you can do in order to increase your IQ. Based on my own experience, it’s better to do the GMAT once you’ve done a couple of techniques to help boost your IQ. Many people have already given their positive feedback on these techniques. It's time for you to choose which one you'd like to try first. These techniques are those that involve hypnosis, brain evolution system and study of the genius. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your time no matter how hard you try to review for it.

Step 1

Study about polygons. Make sure you still remember that all angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. And that all angles in a quadrilateral (4-sided shape) add up to 360 degrees. This will help you breakdown a figure with many sides. It will make the problem a lot easier to tackle. Also, review these two words: trapezoid and isosceles.

Step 2

Read and study everything you can about circles and how crucial its radius is. Most problems of this nature will definitely stem from its radius. Here are a couple of notes to remember: the area of a circle is the radius squared times pi, or (pi)r²; the circumference is 2 times the radius times pi, or 2(pi)r; and the diameter is 2 times the radius, or 2r; pi is 3.14. It is also important to review these terms: tangent line and arc length.

Step 3

Do you still remember your triangles? Make sure to do your review on it. A right triangle is that which has an angle of 90 degrees in one of its corners. Imagine a rectangle being cut in half. You get to have two right triangles there. Another one is an isosceles triangle? Do you still remember what this is? Imagine a square. When you cut it in half, you get two isosceles triangles because two sides of the triangle have equal length. Words to review: hypotenuse and Pythagorean Theorem.

Step 4

Make sure to memorize these formulas: The area of a triangle is 1/2 times the base times the height. The volume of a box is length times height times width.

Step 5

It’s okay not to review sine and cosine. This is not very crucial in the test. Hurray!

I hope these advices have been helpful. Check out the other post I did on acing GMAT as well. Drop me a line or two for any questions, comments, advices or suggestions at

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Unlock Your Brain Potential

Everybody would love to know what the secret is to unlocking brain potential. Who wouldn’t want to be smart? Many great thinkers know that the key to unlocking the potential of the mind lies in the subconscious realm. Let’s take the story of the inventor of the sewing machine, Isaac Singer, for instance. One day, in his dream, he saw himself putting the eye of the needle near the point. This prevented his invention from going to the mountain of scraps. His dream shows that the subconscious mind is still working even when one is deep in slumber. And now, look at how his invention ha contributed to our culture and economy. Where would we be without Singer?

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, and Einstein, the proponent of the theory of relativity, both agree about the power of the subconscious mind. They both know that it indeed unlocks a lot of brain power and shouldn’t be disregarded. Even if you are no Einstein or Edison, now that you also know this think, then you can start applying it in your life.

One way to do this is to practice the Brain Evolution System even for just 30 minutes for the next 2 months. Just listen to the sound of the brain waves and let your subconscious mind do the rest of the work. In two months time, you would’ve unlocked your brain power and increased your IQ.

Just think of the possibilities it can bring you. You will be able to get that much awaited promotion and higher salary in your office; or you can now go find the job of your dream; or you may start working on your new business. You could enroll for college and get that degree you’ve been dreaming of; you can ace your GMAT and get admitted into the business school of your choice; you can even be admitted to MENSA!

So, do you want to be able to maximize your brain power and experience the quality of life you’ve always wanted? Let the Brain Evolution System help you out. Do read up on my other blog posts as well for more practical tips on how to increase your IQ and gain more brain power.
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