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Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 Notes on Acing Your GMAT

If you want to get into a good business school of your choice, better ace your GMAT or the Graduate Management Admissions Test. This is a requirement of most, if not all, business schools. The scoring of the multiple choice part is on a scale of 200 to 800 while the essay part is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. A score of at least 650 is required by top business schools and by doing well on the math portion, you will be able to boost your overall GMAT score. Of course it helps that you have high IQ. But if in case you know that your IQ is of the average range, there are ways and techniques you can engage in that will help boost your IQ and increase your brain power. This will make the GMAT experience a lot easier to face and you will be surely on your way to acing it.

Note 1
It is important to have an understanding of how the test is structured. There are 37 multiple choice questions for math and they must be completed in 75 minutes. Since GMAT is given via computer adaptive format, you must answer the questions in the order that they will be given to you. There will be no going back to previous questions. The more correct answers you get, the more challenging the next set of questions will be, which is good because they will help give you high scores.

Note 2
The 37 multiple choice questions consist of 22 problem solving questions and the remaining 15 pertain to data sufficiency questions. In terms of subjects, expect around 10 ratio, 10 algebra, 8 number, 4 geometry, 3 miscellaneous and 2 set theory questions.

Note 3
You must be very knowledgeable in math, formulas and calculations because no calculators will be allowed inside. You must be able to do quick multiplication and division formulas on paper. You must also have exceptional skills in charts and graphs.

Note 4
Typically, you must be able to answer each question in 2 minutes. It is important to pace yourself properly during the exam. This will prevent you from cramming on other more challenging questions. If you are falling far behind, you may guess wisely on problems that you are usually having trouble with and do your best on those that you find easy.

Note 5
You will get a lower score if you leave any questions blank. Better answer them incorrectly than leave them blank. But of course, if you can’t answer them correctly, guess wisely.

I hope you find these advices helpful. You will find it more valuable if you’ve already taken steps to increase your IQ the way I did before. I took hypnosis, did the brain evolution system and studied how to be a genius. I actually owe my GMAT score to them. Try them as well! Many people have already done so and it also helped them ace their GMAT. For ane comments, advice or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

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