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Friday, July 10, 2009

Simple Everyday Ways to Boost Your IQ (Part II)

This blog post is a continuation of the first seven ways I shared on how to boost your IQ. Were you able to start practicing them? How was it? Here’s more to choose from:

It’s never too late to be talkative.
Talking must be one of the best forms of communication there ever is. When done accordingly, it eases one’s understanding about things. Have you ever tried explaining a difficult concept by talking?

Brain wave tools are cool.
If you want to feel more relax while at the same time becoming more acutely aware of things around you and in your life, use brain wave tools. They are the latest in increasing brain stimulation and boosting intelligence. They open your mind to analyzing things you thought you never could understand before. Many people have already given positive assessments about it.

Play at work.
It’s true what they say that when you love what you’re doing, time flies by so fast and you’re happier and more relaxed than ever. Work becomes play which helps lessen and even eliminates stress while it also revitalizes your brain power. And when you’re not stressed, you have clearer thought processes, your worries are out of the window and your brain is at its optimum level.

Yes to Positivity.
Feeling good can be a source of a lot of wonderful things. When you feel good, you tend to be more confident than usual. When you are confident, you think positive things. When you think positive things, you attract more positive thoughts, thus, you become a lot smarter. It helps if you practice affirmations along the way because they open more windows for better opportunities. They will attract success which means that you are living your life smarter. Ultimately, this means that your intelligence is soaring.

Imitation, yes?
Be with people who are like you or who you like to be someday. Scrutinize them and imitate what they do. Did you know that this is what’s behind the neuron linguistic programming? However, when they start to advise you, just take it in stride because not all of them really know the reason behind their success. So listen to what they say but most critical is to follow what they do.

Debates can be unhealthy.
When you are motivated to argue, your ego instead of your logic is the part of your brain that gets primarily aroused. This can be destabilizing to your brain if not put in check. In the event that you can’t avoid arguments, make sure that logic is involved and let ego get out of the way.

Most of you may be familiar with the term G-I-G-O (garbage in, garbage out). In this instance, I’m referring to the food that you take which may affect your brain functioning. Be aware of such food especially those that may cause some allergies like indigestion as well as brain fog by eating such things.

Fish, anyone?
Speaking of food, fish contains omega fatty acids that promote blood circulation thereby bringing more oxygen to the brain. I wrote something about this before and we all know when we have more oxygen in the brain, our brain functions better. Fish also aids in curtailing depressions, lessening incidences of strokes and heart attacks and a lot more. So eat fish and see how your life improves.

Do check out the other secrets and ways on how you can increase your brain power and boost your IQ. It never is too late to want to be smarter. They worked so well for me and continue to do so. In the meantime, sign up don’t forget to register to the Newsletter (fill the form above at the right :) and email me for any suggestions and comments you may have at

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