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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Secret to Boosting Your Brain Power Despite Stress

While it is okay to have some stress in our system which may improve attention, boost intelligence and increase memory retention in the short term, having it for a longer period of time can actually do more harm than good. Research suggests that prolonged exposure to stress can even bring brain damage. Therefore, when we are faced with imminent danger, we need to have heightened awareness and the complex ability to deal with the crisis.

These days, even if we rarely experience life threatening situations, we still react as if we are in grave danger. What happens is we release huge amounts of cortisol and other adrenal steroid hormones in our system as a stress response. These stress substances block the formation of new neurons in the hippocampus and prevents the storage of new memories.

Some recent research suggests that chronic stress can lead indirectly to cell death as well. What we don’t realize is that we’re just reacting to our own thoughts of worries and negative thinking. These stress responses remain with us for hours at a time, even getting worse as more anxiety-causing thoughts bring forth more thoughts of the same kind.

Exposing our brain to this kind of damage tremendously reduces our brain’s ability to perform creative problem solving techniques which results to downwards spiral of reduced brain function. Therefore, it is important to manage your stress levels and always think positive. Of course it is always easier to say these things than to actually do them.

Others are gifted with the ability to remain positive despite stress while many others just couldn’t cope and are consistently exposing themselves to harmful body chemicals released during stressful situations. This is where certain tools such as hypnosis and brainwave systems come into the picture and help reduce stress and improve brain power. They will help you cope better with very stressful situations instead of totally abandoning them and denying yourself the ability to perform creative mental solutions to the problem.

Hypnosis and brainwave techniques have been used by various people to help them boost their brain power in much needed situations and it has always worked. I tried it myself and I can’t believe how many positive results it has given me all throughout this time. Check out this hypnosis site that I used. You can do it too. Find out for yourself. Take look also at this brainwave link. A lot of people (including myself) are giving very good feedback about it. Note that your thoughts are not the essence of you. You have the power to not let them overwhelm and control you. But it’s better to face and deal with them with a healthy and positive outlook and perspective. Let hypnosis and brainwave techniques help you in that arena and before you know it, you’re already boosting your brain power and are on your way to a better, happier you.

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  2. Thanks for the link Adeline! :-) Cheers to better brain power!