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Monday, July 27, 2009

7 Cool Tips to Boost Your IQ

It has been believed before that a person’s IQ is solely determined by that person’s genes. But thanks to modern science, it has been proven time and again that this is not the case. A person’s IQ is quite malleable and with the right tools to boost one's IQ, like improving one’s working memory, anyone can enjoy having increased intelligence over time.

Of course genetics and the early gestation period play a large role in determining one’s IQ but it is not the end all and be all of having a high IQ. If you want to get the results that you want, try the following tips on how you can boost your IQ:

1. Play games Whether it be on your PSP, Xbox, computer, Wii, etc., playing games will help your mind work at spectacular speeds, strategizing and coming up with ways to win the game.

2. Sketch it It’s like keeping a diary at your bedside table. But instead of writing words, sketch the things you see in your mind. This is very crucial in developing complex reasoning abilities.

Bold 3. Solve puzzles Try not to ignore the puzzle pages when you browse through magazines and newspapers. Put some effort in solving them instead. Solving puzzles is a very good exercise for your brain. It helps extend dendrites (those tentacle-like branches in your brain that help carry massive information) in your brain and aide in the overall improvement of memory. Your mind will become sharper and you will be better at coming up with creative solutions.

4. Choose your scent There are particular scents and fragrances that help boost concentration, enable one to think clearly and lessen mistakes. Lemon scents, for instance, activates your hippocampus; Lavender relaxes your mind and helps you think more clearly; Jasmine can stimulate and excite your senses; etc.

5. Watch TV Game Shows There was a study done in UK that found watching The Weakest Link for at least 30 minutes can raise your IQ by six points while a documentary can increase your IQ by four points while the famous show Friends can boost your IQ by one point.

6. Wishful Thinking
Daydreaming is not bad as long as it’s not what you do the entire day. When you free your mind, you are detoxifying your brain and letting it rest and recuperate from stressful stimuli. Do this for 10 minutes at least every day and see how your mind works better after.

7. The power of multitasking
By doing at least two things at the same time, like listening to a radio while watching TV, can help your mind focus on something much better. Try getting information from both TV and radio then focus on one after the other. This exercise boosts your brain power and makes you better at focusing on things/work at hand.

Try these cool tips and experience a boost in your IQ. More to come on my next posts. For now, you may check out the other secrets and ways on how you can increase your brain power. Many users have given positive feedback about them including myself. It never is too late to want to be smarter. They worked so well for me and continue to do so. In the meantime, sign up don’t forget to register to the Newsletter (fill the form above at the right :) and email me for any suggestions and comments you may have at


  1. Re:#1 The dual n-back cognitive exercise is the only proven brain training activity. "IQ boost" for the iPhone is an excellent brain booster based on it. As well as other web implementations of the same. (disclaimer I developed IQ boost)

    About #7: The research is pretty negative about multitasking. Doing many unrelated activities at the same time fractures your attention and keeps you from developing that sharp focus that is needed to solve difficult problems.

  2. I remember when I was much younger, I used to join some theater workshops in our community every summer. Our drama instructor would teach us to laugh while mouthing curses at the same time. Or the other way around. We were multitasking, acting-wise. It taught us to focus on two things at the same time --- look happy while feeling and saying angry words. I guess it worked. Perhaps the trick is to just keep on practicing the technique.

    Also, one must subscribe to the correct way of doing it. In the example I gave in the article, I wrote: "Try getting information from both TV and radio THEN focus on one after the other." So AFTER you try to multitask, the next thing would be to FOCUS ON ONE AFTER THE OTHER. This way, you are not fracturing your attention long enough and you get to develop sharp focus on the more important task.

    I hope I was able to clarify things.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. All the 7 are very useful tips. I agree with your points. There are few more methods to boost up our brain. Brain exercise, meditation, creativity thinking, and chewing gum also. To know more detailly about this topic Please visit this site. You will find many useful information.

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  4. Nice one Adeline! Thanks! I will surely bookmark your site. :-)