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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five Interesting Facts About The Brain (Part II)

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned five interesting facts about our brain. Hopefully, you were able to appreciate it and from there, putsome ideas to action so you may be able to take care of your brain some more, be able to boost your mental power and increase your intelligence in the process. On this post, I will share with you five more interesting facts about it. Some of you may already be familiar with these ideas but it doesn’t hurt to refresh one’s memory about it. And with a healthy brain, comes a wealth of greatness for humankind.

1. Your Brain is Nocturnal

You may not believe me when I say this but our brain tends to get more active at night. I know that its during day time when we are involved with so many tasks and activities. But at night, our brain works harder. This happens when we fall asleep. That’s when the brain does its own thing like repairing damages, rejuvenating itself, dreaming so it can connect to the conscious level, fix what needs to get fixed. No wonder that the next day, you feel like a brand new person all over again! This just means that the brain was able to do a good job the night before. For tjos who don’t feel this way, it just means that you need to allow your brain to get a good night’s rest so it can do its job well and in turn, be more useful for you during the day.

2. Life of Neurons is Not Fair

Neurons, like people, are not created alike. Some travel as fast as hundreds of kilometers per hours. Some travel as slow as ½ meter per second. It all depends on the type of neauron and what kinds of information are being carried to the brain.

3. Neurons are like growing babies

Scientists and researchers in the field of Neurology believed for a long time that neurons don’t regenerate. They thought that whatever it is that we are born with, we are stuck with it. I actually remember my teacher back in Middle School telling us the same thing. However, recent research had found out that this is not the case. Neurons do grow and replace dying ones. This poses the possibility of someday curing illnesses in the central nervous system such as Alzheimer and other kinds of brain damage.

4. 80% of Your Brain is Water

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that our brain uses 20% of the oxygen we breathe. The rest of the 80% is water. Our brain needs water in order to fully function well. So the next time you experience headache, before you swallow that aspirin you keep in your pill box, drink a glass of water first. Most probably, you are just dehydrated and need a quick supply of good old O2. This is also why alcohol is extremely bad for your brain. It is a diuretic which means, it takes away water from your body as well as your brain. SO the next time you get hung-over, drink plenty of water. That should ease your intoxication. Better yet, don’t drink alcohol at all.

5.No Pain in The Brain

The pink squishy material that is made of 80% water itself does not feel pain at all. It is the pieces of tissue that surrounds it that helps alerts you when your brain is in possible danger. But taken it itself, though it consists of a lot of blood vessels, has no pain receptors, therefore, it cannot really feel pain. This is why in most brain surgeries, patients are able to undergo such operations by being awake.

Now that you know more fascinating trivia about the brain, I can only hope that you will take better care of it. Our brain is a wonderful thing with a lot of potential to help bring greatness in our life in general. It has the capacity to keep on developing and improving itself. With our brain, we can be smarter, we can boost our brain power, we can be more intelligent.

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