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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Interesting Facts About The Brain (Part I)

Human brains are actually like super computers. How many times has it been depicted in movies that ultimately, our goal is to be able to produce a human machine similar to that kid in the AI movie with super brain power? Why create something like us when we already have us? Sounds crazy? But the truth is, our human mind can do so many things especially if used in its maximum potential. We can boost our own IQ, in crease our memory and so much more!

For this post, I will share with you some interesting facts about our brain. Aren’t you curious why it’s been the subject of studies for decades now? Even in movies, Frankenstein stole one for his monster, zombies in many horror flicks have sought them out. There really are a lot of amazing things about our brain, you see.

For me, our brain is the most important part of our body. In dying situations, even when the heart beat has been long been gone, if there are still minor impulses detected in the brain, the patient won’t be considered dead…yet. The moment the brain is no longer transmitting impulses, then that’s the time the patient is pronounced clinically dead. Well, think about it… we most often than not take our brains for granted. But without it, how can we process all these information all around us? How can we hear, smell, feel, taste? Actually, without it, we’re nothing. The heart can be transplanted. But the brain? Good luck with that!

Moreover, without the powers our human brains can do, we would’ve probably still be living in the stone age. The only good thing about that would be living in an unspoiled world. But that’s another story.

We wouldn’t be experiencing the countless amazing things we have today --- great cities, electronics, computers, airplanes, jets, ships, etc… We wouldn’t have that hunger for more knowledge and advanced way of life. We wouldn’t know the world as we know it.
Setting aside the power of our minds, the human brain in itself is a very fascinating organ or our body. Here are some facts that will tell you why.

1. Terabyte Storage Capacity

You know what a gigabyte is right? Anybody who ever uses a computer knows what a gig is. But a terabyte is so much more than that. Quantitatively, its storage capacity is equivalent to over a thousand gigs.

Scientific studies have discovered that the human brain is capable of storing information of up to 1,000 terabytes. Imagine Britain’s National Archives which currently stores around 900 years of information for an entire country. That is only equivalent to 70 terabytes. The human brain can do more than that with plenty of storage room to spare! Amazing! Who needs a computer when we can do that? Our brain is so much more powerful than any super advanced computer we have right now. So to those who don’t believe that they have the capacity to learn more, to be smarter, to increase their IQ, well, think again. Maybe, this is what the Catholic Bible means when it was written that humans are created in the image and likeness of God, the creator. We have so much potential for brain power inside of us. We just need to unlock it and use it well. Then we can be like God, making greater and bigger things for the good of mankind.

2. Electricity in our Brain

I remember watching this movie, The Secret, where Bob Proctor said that we have the power to light an entire city for a week. He is right. This is because our brain uses electrical impulses…electrical power, generated by our body, in order to operate.

Even while we are sleeping, our brain uses the same electrical power as that of a 10-watt light bulb. That’s actually the caricature of a man with a light bulb on top if his head came from when depicting the act of thinking. This is also the reason why electrical gadgets and appliances that emit electrical impulses like cell phones, power lines, etc., can obstruct brain functions and cause damage in the long run. So try to stay away from these things when you can.

3. High Speed Electrical Highway

Pain is good, did you know that? It’s a signal that tactile sensations, whether it be pain, heat, or cold is immediately sent from your toe for instance straight to the brain at a speed of 170 miles per hour! This is why we immediately feel these things even if the point of origin is so far from your brain. It gets processed fast, so fast that it’s almost instantaneous. Without it, you won’t notice that your hand is burning or that your foot is getting pricked.

4. Hungry for Oxygen

Our brain is only a small part of our body, 2% to be exact. Yet, it uses 20% of the oxygen we breathe so it can keep on functioning. This is the reason that without oxygen, we die so fast. We can not eat for weeks and survive. We can not drink water for days and live. But a few minutes without oxygen, we die. Because without oxygen, the brain will stop functioning. When it does, those messages that go to and fro our different body parts will stop causing an immediate shut down of our internal organs then we die. The end of life for us. So to all smokers out there or those people who are constantly exposed to fumes and carbon emissions, save your brain and stop smoking, find a different job and change your lifestyle.

5. More Dreams for the Smart Ones

Scientists have studied that those people with higher IQ dream more often. But don’t fret if you are among those who don’t dream at all. Most probably you just don’t remember it. Most of your dreams last only for a few minutes and unless you wake up while we are in REM stage, it would be difficult to remember anything from your dream at all. This is also why you are told to keep a dream diary on your bedside table so you may record it the moment you wake up, if you remember anything at all.

These are just some of the interesting facts about our brain. Knowing these things can help you take care of it more so you may be able to maximize its use. By doing so, you are helping yourself get smarter, have higher IQ and increase your overall brain power.

There are also other ways to help increase your IQ. There's brainwave technique and there's hypnosis. I've tried them before and they worked. Many users have already found them very useful. Check them out and see for yourself.

I will share more in my next post. If you have questions, feel free to email me at

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