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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can Positivity Make You Smarter?

Can thinking positive make you develop a more advanced IQ? Can positivity increase one's intelligence? Can you really transform your life with a positive attitude? Can it really make a difference in your life? Shifting paradigms from one that has been inculcated in us since the day we were born to embracing something good but is just not the way we were taught to think, feel and live is quite a difficult feat. But when done consistently and properly, studies show that it does result to having a well-balanced mindset, sound mental health, better life and greater purpose.
Things to remember:

  1. Positive thinking is not the same as wishful thinking or daydreaming. No matter how many good thoughts you project in a day, no matter how badly you want something to happen, if it remains just a thought, then it will produce no concrete results. Isn't this an obvious sign that one is not using their IQ very well?
  2. Thinking positive is not the same as being blind about the harsh realities of the world.. it’s not about denying that something is wrong. On the contrary, it’s all about facing the facts and dealing with one’s problems so that moving on to better things can be done faster and easier. With more IQ, this will become an easy feat to accomplish.
  3. Positivity, while being realistic and accepting the harsh realities of life, is more importantly about looking at the good things in every situation and maximizing those positive aspects so that they will work well with your life and from there, attract and build more positive situations.

People who are consistent practitioners of positivity do have better IQs than most that is why they tend to attract more blessings in their life, are stress-free, healthier and happier. There was a research done at the University of Texas that produced evidence that having positive outlook in life is crucial in delaying debility in older people. There was also a research done at North Carolina State University that frequently thinking negative thoughts restricts cognitive functions. Therefore, this means that embracing positivity can heighten your mental aptitude and even keeps you younger.

However, those who do find it hard to just immediately switch their paradigms from the negative things that they’ve gotten used to, to this new age of positive thinking, there are ways to go about it in a more scientific manner. One of which is hypnosis.

Hypnosis can do so many things! They can help you lose weight, get good grades, achieve financial stability and even increase your intelligence! Hypnosis is a tool that will help you focus more on the positive things and eliminate the negative things in your mind, heart and soul and eventually, in your life. Hypnosis will help you increase and maximize your brain power so you will only have to spend your time working on great things. Now, that is high IQ in the making! Check out this site for more information. Many people have tried it and gave real positive feedback about their experience with it.

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  1. Good one on positive thinking and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Positive thinking