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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simple Everyday Ways to Boost Your IQ (Part I)

In my last blog post, I have enumerated some practical ways to increase IQ almost instantly. In this post however, I will be enumerating some more examples that will help increase one’s brain power in the long run. So while you do those that I’ve already mentioned, try to start practicing these new ones for a more lasting and sustainable brain power effect.

Learn Smart
Learning something new (like crafts for example) every now and then helps boost your IQ. Have an inquiring mind and don’t be scared to ask questions to further clarify some of your learning or to simply ask for more information. Take a moment to pause and have a short break. Be mindful that the beginning and ending of a class has a more lasting effect in your memory that any other parts of it.

Exercise Your Brain
Those who tend to dislike Math, now is the time to change the way you feel about it because it is a very good exercise for your brain. Same thing with mnemonics. By assigning an alternative meaning to an object in order to improve recall, you are working out your brain in the process. This, in turn, will help develop neurons and strengthen neural connections which aides in preventing early mental deterioration.

Write, Write, Write
Writing activates the power of recall & memory as it helps in clearing one’s thought processes. Analytical and creative skills are also developed by regular diary entries, making poetry, creating shorts stories, essays, etc.

Speed Reading
You might have some doubt about this exercise but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Speed reading involves scanning the whole page of an article. When you do, always remember to read the first and last stanzas because that is where the gist of the story lies. This makes learning and understanding faster.

Make Your Surroundings Conducive
Doing any mental task is a form of exercising your muscles. Isn’t it that when you do physical workout, you prepare the venue, dress up for it and many even go through all the ritual of going to the gym with all the routines and costume changes? It’s the same way with mental exercises. Make sure that you are in an environment conducive to learning. It may be different for each one of you but things as simple as being in a quiet comfortable room, practicing deep breaths, stretching, etc. can prepare your brain in tackling heavy mental tasks.

Rosemary Power
It is believed that the scent of rosemary does wonder for the brain. Though there hasn’t been any scientific data about this, many people have asserted this to be true. If you have rosemary in your spice cupboard, do a little sniffing and see if it’s true. They say it will help stimulate your brain into working faster. It’s safe and you’ve got nothing to lose so give it a go and let me know if it works for you as it did for me.

Care for Creatine?
Creatine, is a naturally occurring organic acid found in vertebrates that gives energy to muscles. It is found in meat and is not just beneficial to athletes who want to build muscles but is also helpful in curing neurological diseases. It has been researched that creatine also aides in improving memory and increasing a person’s level of intelligence. So make sure you include meat in your everyday diet. But be aware also of the recommended dosage which is 5 grams a day.

As I have said earlier, these are just some more ways you can take to help increase your IQ in the long run. Combine these with the other suggestions I have mentioned before like doing Prof. Sevoir Freud's system for instance which truly worked for me and I'm sure will work for you too. There's also the practice of hypnotizing one's self which is a very interesting and exciting path to take with tremendous results of strengthening memory power and IQ! Many people have already enumerated the positive benefits it gives to their IQ. I'm sure it will do the same for you.

Stay tuned for more on my next post. Feel free to email me at should you have further inquiries, suggestions and comments.

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