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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

I am writing this blog to share the process of how I increased my IQ and utilize my brain power better.

I did not believe it was possible to pump up my brain 'muscle', but it turned out that it is!

You see, I was never considered 'smart'. I was a simple housewife, raised my 3 beautiful smart kids and living my small life. I could not get into a good college, my GMAT score was laughable and I could not find a job after the recession started.

One day, as I was surfing online, I saw an article about improving my brain power. I didn’t think that was possible.

Sure, I've heard about ways to enhance my memory, but brain power? Increasing my IQ was a different story…

How can I make my brain to work better?

Well, it can be done!

It turns out that the brain is like a body muscle, and there are ways to stimulate it, make it more acute and sharper. Even use more of the normal brain power percentage…

In addition, I've learned what to eat in order to give my brain the perfect nutritious elements it needed to grow.

I started to experience the difference just after 4 weeks into the change. I found that life was much easier and everything seemed clearer.

But the blow came when my friends started commenting things like "I didn’t know you were so smart" or "How didn’t I think of that before…"

This did not happen to me before. I was never the smart one in the group.

Now, after about 5 months into the change, I got accepted to Mensa, I have aced GMAT (just to check if it works :) ) and may apply to some fancy university :)

I decided to start this blog and share my experience and knew knowledge of how to increase IQ and better use your brain power.

I practically owe my new life to Prof Sevior Freud who introduced me to his program and guided me every step of the way.

In this blog I will share my experience in hope that you can all benefit from the process I went through.

I have also started a newsletter, in which I write everything about "the best food for our children brain (and ours also:) )" and what food is dangerous for the brain and should not be touched. You are welcome to register, if you are interested in those things.

Lastly, I will LOVE to hear your comments, suggestions and anything you want to share. You can leave a comment on the blog or send me an email at

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