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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Easiest Secret You Can Apply to Boost Your Intelligence!

People ask me "what can we do, in our everyday life that may help in increasing IQ?" Well, here is the simplest, easiest thing you can do, in your everyday life, to increase your intelligence and measured IQ: Use Your Body Symmetrically!

Different parts of our brain control different parts of our body. Usually, we tent to use our body in the most efficient and comfortable way. This result in less brain activity of some parts, and is the number one cause of decaying brain functionality.

Let me give you an example: if you are right handed, start using you left hand. Otherwise, in time, the part of the brain that controls the left hand starts to loose its fine-motorial control abilities. It is very hard to start writing with your left hand when you are right-handed, but there are simpler ways to start.

1. Move your mouse to the other hand.
2. Start using your fork, spoon or knife with the other hand during the meal.
3. Comb your hair with the other hand.
4. Fasten and release your cloths' buttons with the other hand.
5. Dial the phone with the other hand.
6. Use the remote-control with your other hand.
You get the picture…

One of the best activities that gives an overall solution to this problem and exercise all of the brain's motoric parts is sport. However, not all types of sports will do the trick. Tennis for example is not good for the overall brain activities. Sure, Tennis is a great sport, but it emphasizes the use of a single hand and a single body stance through the game and long practice hours. The same goes for football, basketball, bowling, ping pong and more.

There are other sports, however, that your brain will thank you for doing. All forms of Martial Arts are great for your brain. Almost all of the martial arts are based on a symmetric movement, whatever you practice with one hand or foot, you will also practice with the other. The exercise is also very versatile and complex. You will be giving your brain (and your body, of course) a great workout.

Another great activity you can practice is dancing. Dancing is also based on symmetric elements, complex movement and coordination. It does not matter which dancing type you enjoy (classic, modern, breakdance, hip-hop, etc…), all of them will trigger every element in your brain and will leave no part at rest.

In essence, you should not let parts of you brain decay for lack of practice, start using your body in ways you are not use to, and put the focus on symmetric activities. Every part of the brain is responsible for many activities and if you keep all of them in good shape your overall brain capacity, intelligence and measured IQ will increase significantly!

This is a summary of the path I took on the road to increasing my IQ and joining Mensa:

1. I used Prof Sevior Freud's system for overall brain development. First post.
2. I used 3 different Brainwave Entertainment systems, but only "Brian Evolution System" worked for me. Second post
3. I started using my body symmetrically and started stimulated dormant parts of my brain – Third post.

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