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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Increasing IQ and Brain Power with "Brainwave Entertainment"

One of the more elegant ways to enhance brain power, get more IQ and tap into areas you don’t always use in your brain, is known as "Brainwave Entertainment".

From all the different methods I've used to increase my IQ, this is the most enjoyable one. All you need to do is listen to soft, relaxing music and sounds which are packed with special frequency bits that stimulate the brain and enhance its functionality. It sounds amazing (and it really is …), it uses specially manipulated sounds to help influence brainwaves!

When using this method of brain stimulation, you need to be aware that not all of the systems are working. I have tried 3 systems till I've found one that works. There are several systems around. Here are the ones I have tried:

Brian Evolution System – the one that works for me. There is a 21 days trial option, so try it first before you buy. you can try it here.

IMMRAMA – this one had no effect on me (but it may be effective for others).

Brain Sync – this one was also not effective for me (again, it may have better effect on others).

Brainwave stimulation is one of the most powerful methods available for enhancing brain power. It has a direct effect on our brain and the results are very similar to a gym exercise: working out gives VERY noticeable results.

After using the system (the one that finally worked), my thought become sharper and I could see everything more clearly (everything becomes simpler :) ). I was not very stressed to begin with, but I could certainly feel more relaxed and my mood was better (so my husband claims…).

I used the system for 30 minuets each day, at noon, when I got tired. Amazingly, after the brain exercise, I felt fresh, just like in the morning. I could feel the improvement on my concentration and problem solving abilities, but the noon-boost (as I am calling it) was a remarkable bonus for me :)

To sum it up, you should definitely try a brainwave entertainment system. It does not matter which one, as long as it works for you. This is one of the best tools you can use to increase your brain utilization and the bonus here, is that it's also fun!

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